secular 2021


Plot of the secular variation (i.e., evolution of annual mean values of the different elements of
the magnetic field) in Ebre since 1910. Since 2012 the values, which are referred to the fundamental
pillar of Horta de Sant Joan, have been moved to Roquetes levels

K-index of geomagnetic activity calculated from our data. (Unrevised automatic process)
Photographs of the solar photosphere taken with our own telescope
The compass is oriented according to the magnetic north, not the true one. The magnetic north varies with time. Over the past centuries, in Roquetes, compasses were deviated westward. But this has changed and now they are deviated eastward More information.

08/02/2023 12:30
Temperature Humidity Atmospheric pressure
9.4 ºC 83.9 % 1023.9 hPa
Accumulated rain Wind speed Wind bearing
9.2 mm ND ND
Information from the automatic station of AEMET located at Ebro Observatory. These data are provisional and subject to revision.